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Our Story

Welcome to Ember and Ashes, where we unlock the essence of the wild Earth through our handcrafted candles. Our story is rooted in a deep love and understanding of what it means to create a true home. As a family-driven brand, we believe in the transformative power of candles to bring stillness and tranquillity to our everyday lives.

Growing up, we cherished memories connected to scents that sparked joy within us. Whether it was the smell of a book, the fresh earth after rain, the citrus and herbs in the garden, the woody notes of fallen pine cones in Autumn, or the lingering embers from a campfire, these fragrances held the power to transport us to cherished moments.

Scent has the remarkable ability to unlock memories and transform emotions. With this vision in mind, our mission became clear: to bring the raw essence of the earth and its elements into homes, crafting a sensory experience that resonates with both men and women.

Drawing inspiration from the rich scents of the earth and the gentle whispers of the wind, we curate each candle with passion and care. For us, candle-making is an art form that transcends mere fragrance. It is about creating an ambiance that speaks to the soul and elevates the everyday.

Using the finest Australian 100% Soy wax, we infuse our candles with the raw elements that inspire us. Each scent embodies the rugged charm of nature, evoking a symphony of deep memories and taking you on a captivating journey with every flickering flame.
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