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Candle Care Kit 4 Piece | Black

Candle Care Kit 4 Piece



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Free Shipping Over $100 | $10.95 Australia-Wide Shipping

Enhance your candle experience with our Candle Care Kits, designed to prioritize safety, optimize burning time, and extend the lifespan of your candles. Discover the three essential tools included in our kit:

WICK TRIMMER Our high-quality wick trimmer ensures a clean cut every time. Unlike cheaper alternatives that tend to damage the wick, our trimmer features a beveled inside edge that slices through cleanly. This prevents uneven burning and reduces the risk of a potentially dangerous flame.

CANDLE SNUFFER An indispensable accessory for candle lovers, the candle snuffer provides a safe and efficient way to extinguish candles. Say goodbye to the risks of blowing or accidentally spilling wax on yourself or your furniture.

CANDLE DIPPER The ultimate multi-purpose tool for candle owners, our candle dipper serves multiple functions. Use it to clean the vessel's edge, straighten the wick, and remove any stray wax that might interfere with the flame.

Wick Trimmer Dimensions: 60mm W x 180mm L
Snuffer Dimensions: 24mm W x 190mm L (full length extended) // Handle 158mm x 7mm x 4mm
Dipper Dimensions: 17mm W x 200mm L
Tray Dimensions: 96mm W x 230mm L

Elevate your candle care routine with our Candle Care Kits and experience the difference in safety and longevity.


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