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Memory Lane | Bergamot + Firneedle + Olive

Memory Lane

Bergamot + Firneedle + Olive

Copper - 320g

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Free Shipping Over $100 | $10.95 Australia-Wide Shipping

Memory Lane is exquisitely crafted to transport you to sun-kissed mornings, evoking echoes of the Mediterranean landscape. The gentle whispers of fir needle and vibrant bergamot create an atmosphere of serenity and peace, while refreshing burst of lemon thyme invigorates the senses, infusing your space with an ambiance of rejuvenation and joy.

As the fragrance evolves, Immerse yourself in the smooth, velvety undertones of olive, with subtle hints of the rich earthy aroma of sage. The grounding base notes of cedarwood with a touch of amber, adds warmth and depth, anchoring the fragrance with a woody, creamy embrace.

Let Memory Lane ignite the echoes of your memories and create cherished moments, reminiscent of sun-kissed mornings in the tranquil Mediterranean countryside.

320g (H 100mm x W 80mm)
Premium quality 100% pure Soy wax
Natural Fibre, Cotton Wick for a clean and consistent burn.
Burn Time: 55hrs

Hand-poured in our exquisite Raw Copper Metal vessel, with a sophisticated brushed finish that exudes timeless elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these vessels showcase premium quality craftsmanship at its finest.


  • Finish: Brushed
  • Material: Raw Copper Metal
  • Construction: Double-walled for heat insulation
  • Interior Walls: Smooth for optimal wax adhesion
  • Durability: Strong and long-lasting

Experience the superior quality and minimalist elegance of our Raw Copper Metal candle vessels, for our Echoes of Essence Collection. With their brushed finish and thoughtful construction, these vessels provide a stylish and secure home for your candles, ensuring a delightful and safe candle-lit ambiance.

Packaging: Each candle is presented in a reusable cotton drawstring gift bag, providing a sustainable and practical storage option. It is further delivered in our eco-friendly packaging, which consists of honeycomb hex wrapping and compostable company gift wrapping paper, ensuring a delightful unboxing experience while prioritizing sustainability.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lime, Fir Needle and Spearmint

Middle Notes: Olive Leaf, Lemon Thyme, Sage Leaf, and Rosewood

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Amber, Sandalwood, and Rose

1 review for Memory Lane | Bergamot + Firneedle + Olive

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  1. Linda B. (Verified Customer)

    Excellent products and presentation. The candles fragrances fill the house with a beautiful scent.

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